Group Tower Electronics Limited is a professional distributor of electromechanical components located in Hong Kong. Our target market covers Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. We welcome high quality electronics or electromechanical components manufacturers market their products through our sales and marketing channels.

We are the distributor of : - 

RAFI GmbH - switches, industrial keyboards and switches,
MEC - switches,
Sabre - DIP switches,

Microprecision - IP68 microswitches, limit switch,

Sonitron - Piezo ceramic buzzers, piezo ceramic speakers, under water speakers, piezo ceramic speakers for headset, 
ACP - potentiometers, trimmers, rotary switch,
Retex - Rack and enclosures,
Appliances - switches,
PTR - PCB terminal blocks, DIN-Rail terminal blocks,
Hartmann - Coded switches, thumbwheel switches, microswitches,
ROSE - Enclosures,
BOPLA - Enclosures,
COMMITRONIC - safety switch

Osada - terminal blocks

DDM Hopt + Schuler - coded switches

With over 17 years of solid sales and marketing experience in great China region, we can assure you of a positive result in sales figures through our channels.

Please contact us for cooperation possibilities.