Intensive of services : - • We build all the important components of our switches and switching systems ourselves. This means: • We have the plastic processing and mould construction, metalworking and punching as well as the necessary production technologies on our own premises. • Our company strategies are consistently reviewed to meet the changing demands of our customers. Production : - • The market demands large series of a high quality. • We design and build switches and switching systems for this purpose. • Production and assembly takes place on highly automated plants with integrated testing systems. • We develop these necessary automated plants ourselves. Customisation : - • The demand for electronically controlled switching systems is increasing worldwide. • We develop the necessary automated plants ourselves. • The functional reliability of electronic switching, regulating and measuring systems demands a highly specific know-how which needs to satisfy the individual requirement profiles. • Our electronic-fitting ensures high quality. • The design and manufacturing of custom switching systems often emerges through our close contact with customers. • The origin of the development of specific switching systems becomes concrete through intensive communication back and forth. • Our experience and know-how in the design and manufacturing of individual switches has made us the favorite supplier to leading companies worldwide in the power tool, household appliances, electronics and automotive industries. Integration : - • The intelligent combination of different techniques leads to new system properties. • The positive effect of integrative combinations is in fact the combination of several proven techniques. • Our mechatronic switching systems confirm the phenomenon: ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.