Profile MEC is One of Europe's Leading Manufacturers Located in Ballerup, Denmark, a suburb of Copenhagen, mec has earned a reputation as one of the leading European manufacturers of high quality switches with exports worldwide. Since its formation in 1938, mec has achieved this through excellence of design and the use of top quality materials. Our experienced personnel ensure that mec products are always on the leading edge of technology and offer maximum reliability. A mec switch is not a "me too" The concept is unique and yet is standardised by the selection and use of common building blocks. With mec standard switches you can create your own unique design. The two lines of modular switches, unimec and multimec, have been designed to meet different electrical and mechanical specifications. Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is the basic standard by which mec judges its performance as a switch manufacturer. This is achieved by the fully automated production process that includes automatic inspection of all switch modules and in-built quality control functions that ensure the highest possible production standards. This provides the quality that mec customers have come to expect from unimec and multimec switches. Worldwide Distribution Network mec products are distributed worldwide through a network of more than 35 authorised national distributors. Products There are two main lines of mec switches: unimec and multimec. They are both modular in concept and have been designed to meet a range different electrical and mechanical specifications. Advanced sealing techniques and state-of-the-art materials are used to ensure maximum electrical and mechanical reliability, even in the most demanding environments. A) multimec switches multimec switches are available in either through-hole or surface mounting. Four basic switch modules provide the basis for assembly to produce a wide variety of options of both illuminated and non-illuminated switches. The versatility of the multimec switches offers the designer great flexibility in creating unique front panel designs. A 1mm actuator travel combined with 3N actuation force (300g) provides a strong, audible, tactile feel throughout the 10 million cycle mechanical life of the switch. An increased actuation force is available upon request. All multimec switches are sealed to IP67M specifications and are available with either silver or optional gold contacts and in standard or high temperature models. B) unimec switches unimec is a compact and reliable switch with a unique contact concept. The unimec switch is capable of producing eight different contact functions depending on the PC board layout. The unimec switch is available in momentary and alternate action models with standard silver contacts or optional gold contacts for low level switching. unimec switches are known for their crisp, audible, tactile feel although a "silent" model is available for sensitive applications such as audio equipment. All unimec switches are available in standard or high temperature models. For details specification and quotation, please contact our experienced distributor - Group Tower Electronics Limited.